The Career Office has been set up to offer to you, students and recent graduates of the NTUA, support and systematic information on matters concerning your  studies and on issues related to the planning of your professional career.

Through our website you can learn about topics that might interest you, such as:
- Postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad
- Scholarships in Greece and abroad
- Job opportunities
- Seminars and lectures
- Consulting issues
- Issues of entrepreneurship
- Broader issues covering student and/or professional interest
- Studies concerning the labor market of engineers

In addition to the support that is provided through our website, the Office also has at your disposal

-  a specialized career consultant with whom you can discuss, by appointment, on specific issues such as drafting a curriculum vitae, planning your career, the difficulties that you may encounter during your studies ...
- a specialized consultant who deals with matters of entrepreneurship. You can discuss with him issues related to the first steps needed to create a company, the institutional framework on the operation of enterprises and their financing opportunities
- a consultant who can advise you on matters of postgraduate studies and scholarships

-  a specialized cancellor who can offer you psychological support and help you cope with the challenges stemming either from your academic or your personal life. By scheduling an appointment, you can discuss your difficulties and work together on acquiring the skills you need to manage them effectively

Apart from the personal contact, the members of our office pay special attention to the internet as well. We hope that you will become regular visitors both of our office and our website. 



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